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Starting a nonprofit is not as easy as it seems.

However, by working with Non Profit Capital Management, we can make the whole process of registering your 501C3 non-profit as painless as possible. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, our seasoned nonprofit consultants in Sterling know exactly how to take your idea and help you establish a fully-functioning organization.

How We Can Help

Non-profit incorporations are unique to any other type of company. We are your expert resource to make the process of setting up a no-brainer. Here are the specific ways we can help:

  • Managing the internal structure including forming a board, defining purpose and mission, and setting up an office
  • Strategic and financial planning
  • Incorporate the organization
  • Apply for its tax-exempt status with the IRS
  • Registration and licensing requirements to make your nonprofit compliant with federal, state, and local laws

Our Non-Profit Startup Packages

For Organizations Anticipating Less Than $50,000 In Annual Revenue

File Articles of Incorporation with MA Sec. of State X X X
Obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN) from IRS X X X
Apply for Tax Exempt Status (1023EZ) X X X
Register with MA Attorney General X X X
Provide Sample by-laws X X
Provide sample articles of incorporation X X
Provide conflict of interest policy X X
Expert review of edits to sample documents X X
Prepare year 1 tax return for IRS, MA AG, Sec of State X
Act as the Registered Agent for 12 months X
12 – month subscription to Xero Accounting Software X
Assistance developing Chart of Accounts and accounting software set-up X

Work with our team today and ensure that your nonprofit is IRS-compliant, properly structured, and positioned for success!

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